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File extension INFO is most commonly associated with a Canon ZoomBrowser image index file. These are used to store information about images within ZoomBrowser albums such as thumbnails and descriptions. INFO files are also used as generic configuration files by many applications on Windows, Mac and UNIX-based platforms.

Canon ZoomBrowser uses INFO files to store thumbnail information about the images within an album. These are created when an image is opened in ZoomBrowser, and are stored within the same directory as the corresponding image, allowing albums to be browsed quickly as thumbnails do not have to be generated on-the-fly. ZoomBrowser INFO files are usually called and have the hidden attribute, so may not be visible depending on file and folder view properties.

INFO files are also used by many applications to store configuration information. These are similar to INI or CFG files in that they store initial settings or parameters in a plain text format, and are usually read by an application once it launches. An example is Drupal, a web-based content management system, which uses INFO files to store theme configuration information. Each entry is stored as a key-value pair on a separate line, and contains information such as the title and description of the theme, version number, features, location of stylesheets and scripts and the minimum required environment. These parameters can be used to set a theme up for use on any Drupal installation.

Image index INFO files can only be opened using the Canon ZoomBrowser software. INFO files which store configuration or setting information can only be used in conjunction with the application to which it belongs, which may be indicated by the filename or its location. Most INFO configuration files are stored in plaintext, so can be opened and modified using any text editor, though incorrectly changing its contents may affect the functionality of the corresponding application.

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